A Tale of 2 Kidneys and Mitochondrial DNA

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Okay—so this is about kidneys and mtDNA, but kidneys got me to this point—mine, that is.  Bear with me through my Tale which finally brought me to a discussion of mtDNA.  I’m in good company because the WHO’s Colin Mathers knows a lot about it.

About Colin Mathers

22.2.The Kidneys and Osmoregulatory Organs


I don’t think they looked this bad yet—at least I certainly hope not, but they were on the trend.



I asked a PCP to refer me to a Nephrologist because my GFR number was in the 50s and my creatinine [and other test numbers] were trending in the wrong direction. I knew this was indicative of Stage 3 kidney disease and I wanted to try and find a way to turn my numbers around.


[My Harvard-affiliated-institution PCP did not sound so SUUUURRRRRREEEEEEEE but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.]

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