German-US legal team about to launch COVID-19 lawsuits to expose Gates-Rockefeller plandemic

REINER Fuellmich, the German lawyer who successfully led lawsuits against the corporate giants VW and Deutsche Bank, is about to launch lawsuits in Germany and the US over alleged false claims around the COVID-19 “pandemic” panic and the PCR test upon which it is based.

The lawsuit should be closely watched across the countries where fascist, totalitarian restrictions have caused mass economic disruption, unemployment, small business losses and person mental and physical harm. PM Scott Morrison, the premiers and the high-flyer health bureaucrats calling the shots need to be watching this closely too, for obvious legal reasons.

Fuellmich and a team of 34 lawyers is on the job after his panel of experts reviewed the science around COVID-19 and the PCR tests and found it severely wanting. “Our focus is upon the PCR test because if we manage to convince a court of law that this is a fraudulent PCR test being marketed with the assertion that it can detect infection – if we can convince a court of law that this is a false statement – then the whole house of cards is going to come crashing down,” Fuellmich warned.

“That is the tool they’re using to keep people in panic mode. And there’s no basis for this panic, because as I just pointed out, even according to the WHO, which couldn’t escape the conclusions of (Professor) John Ioannidis (of Stanford University) that mortality or lethality is roughly the same as the common flu.”

Fuellmich features in mini-documentary called Planet Lockdown, which outlines the case and its development over the past year. He says a number of lawsuits will be filed, from Germany first and then the US. Respondents will include Richard Wheeler, a principal investigator at Oxford University and virologist Christian Drosten, who on January 23rd, 2020, along with other virologists in Europe and Hong Kong, published a workflow of a real-time PCR (RT-PCR) diagnostic test, later accepted by the WHO, which sent test kits to affected regions worldwide.


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4 thoughts on “German-US legal team about to launch COVID-19 lawsuits to expose Gates-Rockefeller plandemic”

  1. What is completely confounding is why the hell this has taken so long? It’s been known almost from the beginning that the PCR test didn’t work for this. So I wonder if this is just another stall to calm us down.

    It’s been a year since this fiasco started. I’ve been working to try to stem forced mandatory vaccination for 3 years now.

    The biggest blockade to stopping this in Massachusetts has been HCMA–an RFK supported group. They lost us our Medical Exemptions, and if you think about it, these are the hardest to get rid of. They now have to go through the DPH and the DPH is run by the pharmaceutical industry.

    They saved the religious exemptions, but the pharmaceutical industry is taking care of those through Harris on the Federal level.

    We should have been working at the Federal level all along. Controlled Opposition groups made sure that didn’t happen.

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