What About the Nuremberg Code?

'This Side of Life'

When I ventured on to the Internet in October 2016, I was sick and getter sicker. Some of you knew me and were concerned. Thank you for that.

I kept going to MDs to look for solutions but found none. MDs put me on a few pharmaceutical products until I refused more.

I had constant UTIs, Autoimmune Disease, a galloping heart, failing kidneys, and I was well aware of where my liver was located because it always hurt so bad. I suffered intense insomnia, anxiety and a bevy of other conditions, and was distinctly aware that those wearing those white coats were giving me the brush-off.

I marched to the medical drummer, did everything I was told, and never returned to good health or even improved. It was obvious I was dying so I stopped. Stopped what, you say? I stopped listening to MDs.

I stopped taking pharmaceutical products—some right…

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