‘Vax not mandatory’ yet As predicted countries are denying services for the unvaccinated & in France a massive backlash has Forced postponement of ‘Health Dictatorship’ Legislation

As has been long said, whilst they promise the vaccine for the CV won’t be mandatory … Plan B has always been as evidenced right from the start, ‘no jab no job, no school, no travel’ and so on. As we now see in Germany also … no emergency health services. They’ve gone straight for the jugular, no pun intended. May as well call it mandatory because what we have here is virtually mandatory house arrest. France however has experienced a backlash but as we know & as David Icke describes it … the ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ ensues. Gradualism. They slow it down a bit but either way they will get there. EWR

A radical bill proposed by the French Government that would see unvaccinated people refused basic services such as public transport has been put on ice after a massive backlash.

The proposed law mandates that citizens have proof of a negative COVID test or “preventative treatment, including the administration of a vaccine” in order to “access transport or to some locations, as well as certain activities.”

However, the government has been forced to delay the legislation after angry protests.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran publicly postponed the bill in an announcement Tuesday evening.

“Because there needs to be trust for the French people to go and get vaccinated of their own free will, because we’re still in a state of sanitary crisis … the government won’t present the text [to the National Assembly] for several months, before we’re out of the crisis,” Véran stated.

The bill was lambasted by political figures across the spectrum, with conservative MP Fabien Di Filippo labelling it “vaccine blackmail.”

RN leader Marine Le Pen branded the vaccine measure “essentially totalitarian.”

“In a backhanded way, this bill does not aim to make vaccinations mandatory, but will prevent anybody who doesn’t comply from having a social life,” she said.

RN party spokesman Sebastien Chenu called the plan a “health dictatorship,” while centrist senator Nathalie Goulet said the draft was “an attack on public freedoms.”

Guillaume Peltier, deputy leader of the center-right LR party, warned that the law would allow the government to “get all the power to suspend our freedoms without parliamentary control.”

France’s vaccination program, set to get underway on Sunday, will not be mandatory, but a majority of 55% of citizens say they will not get the shot.

As we previously highlighted, France has imposed some of the strictest lockdown measures in Europe, with citizens having to fill out a form every time they leave their home.


LINK: https://summit.news/2020/12/24/france-forced-to-postpone-health-dictatorship-vaccine-legislation/?fbclid=IwAR18-0kcW93yBW9Kjpmpd6_Z-k3iU57jw1nqmd8QnysrsNEXqT6fCSJgf3g

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Get set for more of these examples, the Australian one above dates back to August.

7 thoughts on “‘Vax not mandatory’ yet As predicted countries are denying services for the unvaccinated & in France a massive backlash has Forced postponement of ‘Health Dictatorship’ Legislation”

  1. It’s well past time to reverse the narrative and refuse government. These vultures have no concern for citizens at all.

    Many of us have experienced government doing nothing more than feeding on its citizenry. It’s time to contain these animals in some sort of pen.

    As you know, my children, my body; our lives, financial futures, etc, have all fallen prey to these creatures. They lack compassion, empathy, morals, and ethics–four key features of humanity. Must make them something else or at least subhuman.

    As I spend this day alone–my family destroyed–I cannot fathom how we’ve let them get away with this for so long.

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  2. Yes–and it is still moving forward relentlessly slow. Perhaps we should withdraw ourselves from what they think is their society. It will be hard and brutal, but we have to do something.

    Those we voted into government turned against us long ago when they turned our countries into corporate entities without our consent.

    Sneaky barstards

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    1. Joyce I am not going to reply to any of this. But as you know the whole system is so corrupted, it’s beyond funny. People have to stop paying corporations a percentage of their income, I have mentioned this numerous times in my comments (stop paying tax). governments should be abandoned, but do not ask me what to replace it with. That is something for the people of this (and other) countries to come to agreement on. Heads need rolling! I mentioned the Guillotine in an other post, perhaps this could be an option, who knows, It has been used before very successfully.

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