Questions About Vaccine-Strain Pertussis 2020

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It’s being said that this cannot happen. That this has been on the market since the nineties. But that statement assumes change does not happen. I assert that it does. Something has changed in the last several years to make this a virulent process.

I put on my

OkayOkayOkay I admit it is always on… And came up with this:

A premise

I am just recovering from my third bout of pertussis in as many years. I’m 67 and I never remember having pertussis in earlier years. It is quite a distinctive illness, so I have no doubts.

I recall recently hearing about the pertussis outbreak amongst students where only the vaccinated experienced the illness. Their unvaccinated peers did not suffer the illness. I think there is a reason for that.

In 2016, I asked for a tetanus booster. I had to kick and fight to get it. I wish…

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