Are Prions in the COVID Vaccines?

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I’ve studied Prions in the past. They are devastating.

This is a stunning find, Phi Quyền Chính and a necessary share. The depth of depravity on the part of our governments never ceases to amaze me.

It took much time for me to accept my babies brains had been horribly altered back in the 70s. It makes perfect [if not terrible] sense that they have to get rid of us who remember those days.

When they popped the COVID cork in the beginning, news followed in August of how 5 governors here in the states were responsible for 50% of [alleged] COVID deaths. Those deaths occurred primarily in nursing homes. I made a graphic of this then:

“In Memorium

You can tear up monuments and rip up portraits,
but if you really want to get rid of history,
you must get rid of those who remember it.

in remembrance of…

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