NewsFlash: Mass General infectious diseases chief, Rochelle Walensky, to lead CDC under a Biden Administration?

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MGH is Partners Health Care. Chelsea Clinton is on Partners’ Board Of Directors which is financially connected to Soros/Gates. Chelsea Clinton is infamous for her vaccine-injury denial stance.

Partners Health Care [PHC] was a donor to the State Department when Hillary Clinton retained the office of Secretary of State.It is unknown [by this journalist] at this time if PHC also donated to the Clinton Foundation.

PHC spearheaded the effort to develop a ‘profit over people’ medical system in the Northeast.

Where does that leave those of us who are vaccine injured?

Pretty much out in the cold. Our existing medical system is more interested in selling vaccines for the CDC [which is merely another marketing arm for the pharmaceutical industry] and selling pharmaceutical products in general.

CDC Members Own More Than 50…

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