The Best Way to Produce the Desired Result… Again

'This Side of Life'

I wrote this a few years ago. I developed the graphic after attempting to work with an organization that seemed to be getting nowhere on critical issues. I suggested they establish working connections with certain fields to achieve more success.

What I didn’t realize [at that time] was success was not their goal.

I thought they were the only group out there working hard to fail. To my horror, I connected with group after group following the same game-plan.

While people have been misdirected towards working on State levels, Industry has been buying up Federal.

And most issues supposedly resolved on State levels lead only to more devastation. You might say our bodily-autonomy issues are hacked up on the State levels and put on the Federal-level pyre to set the rest to flames.

Many of us can’t ingest any pharmaceutical products. Toxic ingredients are woven through many of them. They…

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