Jacinda Ardern Creates a Totalitarian Regime on the Back of a Cold Virus

Sto Vounó

Barbara McKenzie

‘ the most dangerous bill that’s ever been placed in Parliament’, Brian Tamaki, Destiny Church
‘This Bill places unprecedented limits on rights and freedoms of association and movement‘, Nicola Willis, MP, speaking to the Bill.
‘This is a great failure of our democratic process. The new legislation [..] will result in sweeping police powers unseen in this country for many years’Paul Hunt, Chief Human Rights Commissioner
‘We are witnessing a totalitarian takeover of the world in real time, yet there are some people who still think this is about a virus‘, Tony Heller@Tony__Heller
‘This is a Bill that gives one person enormous power’, Simon O’Connor, MP, speaking to the Bill
‘Congratulations New Zealand. We are officially a police state’, Winston Smith@saltyreign

New Zealand will effectively be in a state of emergency for up to two Years

Under New Zealand…

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7 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern Creates a Totalitarian Regime on the Back of a Cold Virus”

  1. Why is a health watch blog spreading myths that harm people’s health? The article by Barbara McKenzie linked to above is full of cherry-picked misinformation. Promoting it hurts people.


    1. Hello Miriam, please do itemise the points you consider to be myths / misinformation & how you consider it hurts people… with your refuting research to prove those. You will note that Barbara McKenzie has a Doctorate, is well researched & her work is well referenced. You could hop onto her blog & have a convo with her even. As to my blog please do read the tag line: “Watching our environment … our health … and corporations … exposing lies and corruption”.


  2. Pam, I’d be happy to refute every one of her arguments, but is it worth it? Would you be convinced if I gave you the facts? I ask this honestly.

    I have actually been pointing out to Barbara on her page why she is mistaken. (That is, on the page you link to above.)

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    1. Oh yes please do provide us with the facts as you say. Saying I wouldn’t be convinced is hardly an excuse to decline is it? It weakens your ‘argument’ surely.


    1. What of the thousands of medical professionals and the Barrington Declaration Miriam? They don’t know what they are talking about either? Have you examined their claims? Have you listened to the Doctors who have trialed treatments on their patients that worked?


    2. Having a doctorate qualifies her in the ability to research & weigh up the alternative information. There is plenty of that but clearly you’ve not noticed that mainstream media is censoring that out of the narrative. As per my other comment. The thousands of medical professionals.


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