UK Ministry of Health Expects COVID-19 vaccine to Lead to a ‘High Volume’ of Adverse Reactions

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The UK has been on a shopping spree to secure coronavirus vaccines from multiple companies.   According to Reuters, in total it has made agreements to buy 362 million vaccine doses in total; the population of the UK is 66 million.

At the same time the Ministry of Health is aware that the fast-tracked vaccines will not undergone the necessary testing (which normally takes years).  A recent contract award notice by the Ministry of Health’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), for software to manage adverse reactions, makes it painfully clear that those brave enough, or compelled, to take the vaccines when they first become available will be the test subjects.

The notice makes it clear that

  • the UK government is expecting an unprecedented number of injuries arising from the Covid-19 vaccine, so many that its normal systems won’t be able to cope, and
  • that the government plans to process…

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2 thoughts on “UK Ministry of Health Expects COVID-19 vaccine to Lead to a ‘High Volume’ of Adverse Reactions”

  1. Thanks Pam. Where did do these people get off? UK downgraded the Covid-19 risk in March. Bloomfield and co have been telling us repeatedly that “Covid-19 CAN be a serious disease, especially if you’re old or sick? Huh? How do we get from there to “you must take this dangerous vaccines, otherwise you won’t be able to travel, go to day care, go into a care home, work in the health field etc”?

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