How Nexrad HAARP works: turning natural storms into Biblical floods

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Original found here:… Please support this continuing independent work: PayPal Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering – V.1 FULL Weather War Project Who is it that decides the people of this country and this planet don’t have the right to know their weather is purposefully manipulated on a continental and global scale? Who decides this massive and continuous operation is legal yet must kept secret from the public? Who is it that subjects all of Humanity to meteorologist after meteorologist proclaiming what a ‘mystery’ this decade of manufactured weather has been, as community after community is intentionally drowned, blown, or washed away? The People need to stop accepting endless diversions and rhetoric, and start finding out who actually controls their reality and perception of it. Nexrad & HAARP: Undeniable Weather Control Connection… TECHNICAL EXPLANATION OF NEXRAD Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of…

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