UK bans sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2030, Tesla and Uber push for same in US

The Most Revolutionary Act

Ketan Joshi
The Driven

The UK government has formally announced its much-anticipated plan to ban the sale of combustion engine years by the year 2030, as part of a broader ‘ten point plan’ for a ‘green industrial revolution’. Though the broader policy focuses on jobs, technology, investment and industry, the transport component is substantial, and brings forward a ban set less than a year ago for 2040 to the year 2030, making this policy a stark and imminent reality for UK companies and consumers alike.

The announcement comes only hours after a new alliance between Tesla, Rivian and Uber was announced in Washington, named “Zeta 2030“, targeting 100% electric vehicle sales as market share by 2030. The move has been spurred by the breaking of the alliance between US utilities and fossil fuel companies, with the former turning to electric vehicles in response to that falling out, writes

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