100% Positive?

New Human New Earth Communities

By Anna Von Reitz

Get a clue.  They can’t even prove that a separate virus called “Covid 19” exists. 
So they can’t prove that “Covid 19” causes any particular special or worse form of the Common Cold, either. 
Yet, everyone tested comes back “positive” as having “Covid 19” — ?  
Pretty good trick, no?  You tested positive for an imaginary disease. 
Why not call it Blue Unicorn Disease? Then they could test for Blue Unicorns. 
It’s not hard to understand.  Everyone, and I do mean, everyone, has had the Common Cold at some time in their life. 
And that is what the Corona virus is.  The Common Cold.  So of course, we all “test positive” for corona virus antibodies.  Ya think? 
The whackjob idiots “declared war” on the Common Cold, just like they “declared war” on poverty, on drugs, and God only knows what else, so that they could carry on a…

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