There is No Covid Test and the Casedemic is a Shameless Scam

Sto Vounó

‘The controlled demolition of society, named COVID-19, places us at the gates to hell, somewhere between freedom and slavery, fighting a battle for humanity against a government who have become the occupational hazard of being human. […] liberties older than Parliament itself have been confiscated on the basis of a disease with an average mortality age of 82.’ (Dustin Broadbery)

On the back of a completely invalid testing process, a new wave of lockdowns is being imposed on the countries of the world.  Humanity is now psyched into believing that unproven, asymptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) constitute a deadly threat to mankind, justifying draconian measures that impact very negatively on economies, human rights and human welfare. 

While the northern hemisphere is entering into a new flu season, and one can expect increased sickness accordingly, the new basis for covid fearmongering, world-wide, is not actual hospitalisations and deaths, but…

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