Opinion Piece On Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s Speech Against The Medical Police State

'This Side of Life'

This guy does not talk about our children from the 70s/80s. Vaccine-injury has been occurring since the very beginning–I think vaccine programs started in earnest in 1971. My children were damaged in the 70s.

Everything about what I’ve seen has appeared clandestine. Things do get done but nothing gets accomplished. Movies are not advertised–they are passed word-of-mouth, etc.

A group he touts aggressively took charge of legislation in my state. I did go to the statehouse, but I eerily felt like some outsider. The result of their efforts?

Our [M]edical [E]xemptions now have to go through our DPH. Our DPHs are run by the pharmaceutical industry. There are tests to show which of us suffer from the toxicants in the shots, but the Medical establishment refuses to do them.

I am vaccine-injured. The shots damaged my children–my eldest badly. They want to force us to get the shots and suffer…

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