Dead Birds Falling from Cold Events

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from Jim Steele?s What?s natural?column

Published in Battle Born Media October 28, 2020

On October 8th a resident of Pacifica California reported that 2 birds fell dead from the sky onto his deck. That would startle anyone and raised grave concerns. People began suggesting possible causes: a mid-air collision, West Nile virus,rat poison, wildfire smoke, and ofcoursethe climate crisis. Some pointed out they had found a dead bird in their yard. Others referenced a massive die-off of migrating birds in early September over Colorado and New Mexico suggesting thousands, maybe a million birds had died. The speculated cause of death was wildfire smoke, starvation and a cold snap that dropped temperatures from 90F to near freezing in a matter of hours. Sky-is-falling fears and fearing a ? bird flockalypse? one person wrote, ?if birds are dying, we humans are next?.

Good scientists must examine all…

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