Some interesting anomalies spotted regarding NZ’s recent election

From eternalvigilance website, NZ. A few I note have been observing similar…

Very very suspect election results for the South Island.

Something fishy going on down in the Mainland with the election results!
The Otargo Daily Times reports that Labour won the party vote *in all 17* South Island electorates!
That is a high statistical improbability in it’s own right, yet the situation gets even more shady when you see how many Electorate seats National actually won down there.

See below….
Party vote stats from Otago daily times.
Electorate Seats stats from TV 1 news Election results



4 thoughts on “Some interesting anomalies spotted regarding NZ’s recent election”

  1. Yes, I believe anybody with half a brain good have seen this coming. Missy Ardern got friends in high places (read her political track record), that can rig anything, anytime, you care to mention. So as I mentioned before, to all you Good People out there, Good Luck.

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  2. I was sorry to hear this. It was hard to believe.

    The powers that be are working closer together than us folks. I hope that can change in the very near future or it will soon be too late.

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    1. Yes curious indeed Joyce. I’ve heard that the numbers of registered, contributing members of the advance party for instance, were above and beyond the numbers that actually (apparently) voted for that party. It doesn’t look honest at all.

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