President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory

Not mandatory, just like NZ has said formerly… however there’s more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes … it’ll be ‘well sorry you can’t work for us without the jab’ or go to school, or day care, or whatever else you need to participate in.

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Trump Says Covid Vaccine Will NOT Be Mandatory For Americans

Source:Niamh Harris

President Trump said he would not issue a mandate for a coronavirus vaccine when a jab becomes available.

Trump said he wants individuals to choose for themselves amid concerns that immunizations are being rushed through trials.

RT reports: Asked who would be first to receive a vaccine in an interview on Fox Business on Thursday, Trump said “essential workers” and “older people” would take priority, but made a brief detour to assure that he would not make vaccination compulsory.

“I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine,” the president told Fox’s Stuart Varney. “I just don’t think I would do that, where you have to have it, because there are some people who feel very strong about that whole situation.”

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11 thoughts on “President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory”

  1. Yes I believe you are both right ppjg. I’ve alluded to that in my comment also. These are words to calm down the ‘peasants’ so to speak. They’re saying it here in guinea pig NZ as well.

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  2. Trump saying he wont’ make vaccines mandatory means absolutely nothing. Ms. Bowen is absolutely on the mark,,,,they have other ways of crushing you and making life so unbearable that will work far better than a national mandate that would upset so many,

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      1. My daughter lives in Germany and I’m in the UK. There is going to be a problem. The isolation doesn’t worry me either. Just travelling. I’m not sure if trains and buses will require vaccines, though I presume they will have to.

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        1. Hi Jill, I agree yes, the travel. Here in NZ it’s been mandatory to wear a mask on public transport. I think it is now just recommended. It’s all gradual isn’t it? Vax next. They’re being a bit more cautious at the moment. I guess as Bill Gates says with a smile (like he’s welcoming it) we’ll see when the next wave comes.

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  3. I am vaccine-injured. There are many of us. After the NEJM came out and suggested those of us that won’t/don’t/can’t be vaccinated not be allowed to leave our homes, I wondered where me and mine fit in the ‘public good’ realm.

    It’s horrifying to think we have no rights at all. I can take no pharmaceutical products and have to be careful of what I put on my skin. I use all organic products.

    I wrote this in response to the NEJM’s suggestions and included my screenshotted comment which never made its way out of moderation.

    Vaccine-injury has devasted the lives of myself and my two sons.

    I know you know about this, Pam, but many don’t know vaccine injury even exists.

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