Mainstream Media Exposes the Great Reset Trojan Horse

Lamestream exposing? I rather think they are doing their complicit dance with that intro. For months banning any talk of alt cures or lockdowns not working… now a flip flop about face! All as an intro to the big globalist plan which was it all along. Not fooled at all by their lying rhetoric sorry. EWR

Real News Australia

SkyNews here in Australia has finally been discussing topics that all other media outlets will not touch.

By General Maddox.

SkyNews has been the only mainstream media outlet here in Australia that has been brazen enough to actually tackle some of the real questions with regards to CoronaVirus and the real agenda being laid out right now.

It’s actually a breath of fresh air compared to all of the other media outlets who are now complicit in perpetuating the lie and CoronaHoax narrative.

Independent and alternative media have been talking about this for many weeks and even months now. SkyNews, whilst late to the party, are now beginning to discuss the Great Reset.

Watch this news broadcast below to see a mainstream media outlet discussing what we’ve been saying for ages now.

Here’s their presentation so you can view it for yourself. It’s not hidden. It’s not a secret conspiracy…

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4 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Exposes the Great Reset Trojan Horse”

  1. Psyop–I hate that word. I really do think that this is part of their psyop strategy.

    Many people are becoming used to ‘the new normal.’ They are becoming used to their masks and ‘Covid Power’ is a growing trend. Perhaps this is an individual’s process in regaining control over their own lives by demanding control over others…

    Yelling at and chastising others for noncompliance is growing. The longer this drags on, the bigger citizen armies will become. You won’t need police to drag people out into the streets–the citizen armies will do it.

    People deal with fear in different ways. One of the ways to absolve fear is to embrace the status quo.

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  2. haven’t seen this yet (only so many hours in a day, as the ol’ saying goes!) but thought you may like to have a looksy. Any news from people back in Oz?

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    1. Very difficult to watch Al (know what you mean .. time) I need a vomit emoji & don’t have one. So we have the SKY news admitting the banned cures work & lockdowns aren’t working as a prelude to the Economic dude announcing the reset which is all about equality… see what I mean about the vomit emoji? Sigh. I’ll have to endure watching it later. 😦


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