An Incorporated World 2020

'This Side of Life'

On July 19, 2017, I posted an article relative to the direction the world was blowing. What I didn’t know then was that things were already well advanced.

I had stopped writing from 2010, pretty much, thru 2016 because my hands had become so crippled. I had seen a neuro-psychologist who recommended I go back to writing and that I should also take a drug by the name of Aricept.

I periodically experienced what I called word-abysses and could not remember a word. More significantly, I could not verbalize any concept relative to a word, so no replacements were available to my lips.

A simple example could be tree [although the usual words were more complex]:

Think of all the words used for tree—tree, oak, maple, wood, and on and on and on…

Where that word [and all its relations] resided in my brain turned into a black hole…

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