More on the Global Reset from Canada

Dr. John Reizer

A global reset is in progress, and I believe that additional lockdowns will be forthcoming in the next several months. I also believe that the next set of lockdowns will be much more severe than the first one.

The false-positive case numbers are already being increased by the powers that be in many areas of the world, and it is only a matter of time before more draconian policies will be implemented globally.

Since March of this year, my dad has been under lockdown and house arrest. He lives in an assisted living facility in South Carolina. I received word today that relatives can finally visit family members and loved ones under the following conditions:

  1. Family members must be tested with a PCR test and bring in a hard copy of the COVID test results.
  2. Visitation will be in a designated area outside for two weeks.
  3. Beginning…

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5 thoughts on “More on the Global Reset from Canada”

  1. Quel dommage, what a pity; I thought Canadians were more astute than Australians, Americans, New Zealanders, etc. It appears we are all overcome by the fear generated by respective govt. and the media.

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  2. Canada appears to be moving into GESARA–the NWO in sheep’s clothing. As I sit here shaking my head I am at a loss for words.

    Three years ago, I wrote a foreboding article on what I saw happening then. It appears my predictions are coming true much to my chagrin. One thing I didn’t foresee is that we would be forced to completely relinquish our bodies.

    I never, ever thought it would get this bad. Or maybe I just hoped…

    An Incorporated World 2020

    We need to stop bleating like sheep and start roaring like lions.

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