This is how we end up taking prescription drugs our entire lives

Dr. John Reizer

We’re born into this world, mostly, as healthy human beings. You don’t find many newborns taking prescription drugs. As we progress through the childhood years, our parents are encouraged, through clever marketing campaigns, to take their children to medical physicians for wellness checkups. And so our parents, not knowing any better, follow the advice.

Little Johnny’s first visit to the pediatrician begins with being weighed, followed by a thorough physical examination. After the doctor makes sure the child has ten toes and fingers, he or she begins to push the medical-industrial complex’s agenda to vaccinate the hell out of every child.

“You see, Mr & Mrs. Clueless, little Johnny’s immune system is not strong enough to defend him against all the terrible microbes in the environment,” the pediatrician begins the industry’s pitch.  “Even though the amazing intelligence that designed all 37 trillion cells inside Johnny’s body…

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  2. This is so true. The problem is compounded by the toxicity of Pharmaceutical products. Many of the toxic ingredients pushed into us by the shots are laced throughout pharmaceutical product lines.

    At the beginning of 2018, I was quite close to death. My kidneys were failing, my vision going; I could barely walk. Constant pain wracked my days. [I’m sure this type of thing is suffered by many.]

    I had always trusted Medicine. I followed instructions religiously. But I had always been frugal and decided pharmaceutical products were a waste on a dying woman. I stopped taking most of them.

    Amazingly, I greatly recovered By mid ’18 my vision restored, my kidneys were blasting up, and I could walk without fear of falling. I didn’t give up antibiotics until someone noticed my coughing. The damned things were attacking my lungs, so those went, too.

    I caused my own health issues by following orders. But who would think the most insidious things in our lives could be doctors?

    I rely on friends around the world for advice on health issues now. I’m fortunate to have friends in high-intellectual circles. It’s amazing how quickly they come up with answers.

    Homeopathic remedies are not the quick fixes I desire, but at least they won’t kill me.

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    1. What a journey Joyce. I used to think they were ok too … I guess it’s when you’re on lots of meds the real bad shows up? My mother was put onto many drugs in the 1970s I recall & she was frequently bedridden for weeks on end. Makes me wonder now if the drugs were the cause of that because they never could find out what was wrong with her. In her latter years she just weaned herself off them all & was quite fit & healthy after that.

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      1. I was only on four medications. I refused any more. Mds were getting very aggravated when I refused further medications. It was very confusing then; it makes perfect sense now.

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        1. Ah yes I note in more recent discussions they don’t like you researching things for yourself do they? The internet’s a ‘dangerous place’. Seldom go near them these days.


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