Your lung function is an important predictor of health and longevity

(NaturalHealth365) Since none of us are immortal, the impulse to estimate how many years we might have left is perfectly natural. But, what is the most accurate predictor of lifespan? Some studies have focused on factors such as telomere length, while others have examined levels of important antioxidants like glutathione. But, it turns out that het biggest clue to longevity is your lung function.

In fact, a peer-reviewed study supports this point of view.  And, with COVID on everyone’s mind, we thought this a very important topic to discuss.  So, today, we’ll focus our attention on how lung health is directly connected to our ability to live a long, healthy life or not!

Health ALERT: Limited lung function can have severe consequences

Lung capacity is defined as the maximum amount of air the lungs can hold, while lung function involves the speed with which you can inhale and exhale. Lung function also involves how efficiently your lungs oxygenate the blood, while at the same time removing carbon dioxide.


Image by oracast from Pixabay