the Ministry of Health’s surprising admission about its statistics

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Given the enormous fuss that this government has put on the Covid-19 virus, it’s clear from the number of hospital discharges alone that it is nowhere near the problem that Influenza and Pneumonia are, so why the incredible over-the-top reaction to Cv-19? Even Tuberculosis and viral Meningitis get more hospital admissions.


Your request has been passed on to me to respond to.

It takes several years for cause of death information to be determined, reported, coded and loaded.  I’d expect 2020 cause of death information to become provisionally available in December 2022 though it is dependent on the number of outstanding coronial cases. 

All our data is coded using the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. As such, we are limited by how this system classifies various conditions. I ran a query looking at publicly funded hospital discharges in 2019/20 for you where the primary diagnosis…

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