MoH Graphs Change After an article is published by BFD

On Monday I wrote an article on how we are being fed the big scary numbers, probably in an attempt to keep us all fearful and therefore compliant. I argued that the numbers involved, in New Zealand at least, are very small and that we really don’t need to be in level 2 let alone 3 or 4.

Well, funnily enough, a quick check of the Ministry of Health website on Thursday reveals a change in the way some of the various graphs are presented.


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2 thoughts on “MoH Graphs Change After an article is published by BFD”

  1. BFD does not know there are no cases no proof of any threat?
    He does not know that the RT PCR test cannot be used to diagnose disease/infection?
    As Govt has failed to provide both justification and proof of threat.
    1)Prove the existence of an isolated new virus( sars CoV2 ) and failed to prove
    2) That said “new virus” causes a new disease( covid) or death.
    3)That the threat to public health is a real one from the non existent new virus( sars CoV2 ) that is said to cause a new disease (covid) .
    4) Poof that ” covid” is cause of death.( *note pathologists in autopsy of ” Covid” patients in other nations… that bothered doing an autopsy needed have found this alleged molecule/virus Sars CoV2 is not to be found and so does not cause tissue death resulting in the person’s subsequent deaths ).
    Scientifically there is no proof of threat and no justification.

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