13 thoughts on “Bill Gates is on camera saying an RNA vaccine will change your DNA forever”

  1. He is completely evil. In interviews watch his face light up when he predicts mass deaths. A leering smile too when he talks about it.
    Thanks for posting.

    Also this is good – The Magic Virus – Jon Rappoport

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    1. just got this sent to me….

      “ALL vaccine trials have been suspended worldwide after a volunteer in the UK has experienced a ‘serious adverse reaction.” Widespread belief is that this is code for the person has died. (Which would make sense given the suspension of trials in the wake of this news.)

      This is the AstraZeneca vaxx btw — no word yet on the outcomes or dispositions of the trials regarding the Pfizer & Moderna (Gates) models. But it’s looking like pressure will cause those to also be suspended for the foreseeable future. What will Gates’ next move be now?? I’m almost scared to ask.”

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      1. I’m just watching the free screening from Del Bigtree, Dr Andrew Wakefield etc. They are insisting (won in court) on certain conditions with the vax production. (I didn’t take notes … well worth watching, sounds like they are right onto them).

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      2. I must be more myopic than my optician ever diagnosed: I cannot see what’s the problem here.

        Big Phama and Big Billinda Gates have hundreds of e..g. flu vaxes they could deploy on the peoples of the plandemic world. WHO would know, I mean who would know if any on shot from some vax prick, I mean prick’s vax….who would know just what the stuff injected really is?

        No doctor’s certificate need ever add a damned thing to the certificate cause of death beyond the magix wordz “CV-19”

        Ergo, the reason the vax is being withheld FOR NOW, must be something other than development of any actual COVID vax.

        Dumb Dora (with her many many weeks of medical training) reckons it must be because they’ve run out of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Ivermectin

        I can’t tell if She is joking or serious:

        I am just an architect. Trust me, doc…..


      1. what’s this??? [ok to delete]

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