Who really rules over you & how it works

COVID 19 – Scamdemic – Part 1

Among many similar globalist states, The UK State is a public-private partnership between government, financial institutions, multinational corporations, global think tanks, and well funded third sector organisations, such as so called non governmental organisations (NGO’s) and large international charities. Through a labyrinthine structure of direct funding, grant making and philanthropy, the UK State is a cohesive globalist organisation that works with selected academics, scientific institutions and mainstream media (MSM) outlets to advance a tightly controlled, predetermined narrative. This designed consensus serves the the interests and global ambitions of a tiny group of disproportionately wealthy people.

LINK: https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/geopolitics/covid-19-scamdemic-part-1?fbclid=IwAR1qANYYE8t-ga6NycrRay6F3Kh-jkHwWN6j2-mXQu5ns7TgwT5w0Tq97as

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  1. I like Nexus. Yes, the parasites have sucked so much out of the real economy and their own Ponzi economy there is nothing more to suck. This is part of the reason for Covid – bankruptcies provide an opportunity for the banks and multinationals to Hoover up the small and medium companies. They want it all. The UK parasites see the Wold Order as a replacement for the “British Empire”, something they think is theirs by right. They see us all as slaves and look to the return of forelock touching and cap wringing as in Victorian times… that is if you could afford a cap.
    Most of their leaders are mad senile geriatric authoritarians who can’t wait to bring the gibbet and the cat back. The New Abnormal.

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    1. Yes I do like nexus too from what I see, not seen before tbh. And you describe/summarize that so succinctly & so well cadxx. Pretty disturbing really. Especially since some of those small biz owners are ending their lives.


      1. Hi Pam
        They managed to kick me out via the back door. I can’t edit my pages unless I pay £230.00 for an upgrade I don’t need. Looking at alternatives. Take care

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        1. oh no for posting stuff they don’t agree with? Other? And from what you are saying the upgrade prevents a shut down? I had wondered about that & been considering looking at alternatives also in case … stay in touch, keep us posted where you are.


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