Another medical doctor shares vital info on the covid operation

What do we know?

We know that the tests do not work but governments pretend that they do. We also know that some vaccines sterilize people. Warp Speed vaccine preparation almost guarantees vaccine injury, plus it is an entirely new DNA altering vaccine. Big Pharma is not liable for injuries. Nano-tech is also part of the equation with Immunity Passports etc. — Mark Taliano

Vanessa Beeley:

” Dr Petrella is a retired gynaecologist from Teramo in Italy who has already garnered controversy over his Covid 19 views. Petrella was expelled from the Order of Doctors after retirement for his views surrounding the HPV vaccine which he considers to be ineffective and in some cases dangerous. Petrella upheld his right to his opinion and stated that he is against any kind of mandatory vaccine. Petrella is appealing against the decision.…/teramo-arriva-la-radiazione-per-i…



Note to NZers: the HPV vaccine has already killed three NZ young people.

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2 thoughts on “Another medical doctor shares vital info on the covid operation”

  1. Once the DNA is altered it can be patented. The NZ PM is demanding that people have nasal swabs thereby unknowingly giving authority to take their DNA which may well be used for genome sequencing. The NZ PM seems to be pursuing the Clinton/Blair agenda, as per the Whitehouse March 2000 statement, without the knowledge of the NZ people.
    It can be said that once the DNA is altered the human can be patented thus removing that human from the “Book of Life”.

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    1. Thanks Helena. I heard that in the speeches in the London protest. They mentioned the patenting & thereby depopulation is no longer ‘murder’ if the person is patenting. The whole thing’s sinister that’s for sure. Two little ones have died already from the nasal swabs alone, one broke, the other caused fatal bleeding.


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