Bill Gates wants to censor your private conversations


Tech billionaire Bill Gates seems more present in the media these days than he has been for a long time, but he’s not talking about what he knows best: how to make a lot of money in tech, stifle competition, and get away with it.

Gates is inserting himself in the debate around a medical crisis, the coronavirus epidemic, and if Wired’s tone is to be believed, he is to be taken as an “authoritative source” on medical issues, as a self-thought epidemiologist of sorts.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Bill Gates wants to censor your private conversations”

  1. Bill Gates knows nothing about medicine, He has money that was bought in by using computer viruses, Now he wants to use that money to control the people of the world, His main objective it to depopulate the world”


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