An open letter to every physician in America


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Dear Physicians of America:

First, may we say that the American people are extremely thankful for the valorous efforts many of you have made throughout 2020.

Not only have many Americans been saved from the COVID-19 disease through your medical interventions and urgent care, physicians across the nation have put themselves in harm’s way as never before.  Some have died; many have been infected in the line of duty.  Our deepest gratitude to you all!

We respectfully write this letter to you out of grave concern during the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been proven conclusively that there is an extremely effective treatment for COVD-19.


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5 thoughts on “An open letter to every physician in America”

  1. The more I look at the presentation by the doctors that stood on Capitol Hill publicly voicing their concerns about Covid-19, the more I believe they were being used by the controlling powers or were knowingly throwing out disinformation to sway the gullible public into a preconceived direction.

    First of all, the fact that the Capitol Hill “speak out” was allowed such broad coverage is a red flag for me. Actual censorship would have intercepted the message and removed it from public consumption. The story was allowed to gain traction, and millions of people were talking about it and forwarding the video. Once it was “censored,” there were still a lot of mainstream products discussing the content.

    I think people have to understand that Covid-19 is not a real virus. If people have been paying attention, they should know at this point, the testing procedures are terribly flawed and reporting fake numbers.

    Any storyline that tries to breathe life into the pandemic being centered around a real virus should be dismissed by critical thinking people. There are no cures for viruses outside of the inborn abilities of human immunity. Our immune systems are the only way to dismantle and destroy viral microbes.

    It doesn’t matter what type of drug a doctor prescribes, it gets in the way of the innate logic of human physiology when it comes to mitigating the expression of viral infections, What do these drugs really do? Do you want to introduce a pharmacological product that artificially lowers a fever that is designed by the body to stop genetic replication of the viral agent in the human host? No! Do you want to introduce a drug that inhibits other immune system responses, commonly mistaken for annoying symptoms by laypersons, that cure a viral infection naturally? No!

    When I hear people speaking about an antimalarial drug as a panacea for Covid-19 and other viral infections, it tells me that the individuals speaking lack a real understanding of health, microbiology, and human physiology. This is somewhat tolerable when it comes from laypersons, but utterly unacceptable if coming from professional health experts wearing white coats and standing in front of the US Capitol.


    1. Thanks for commenting nofakenews. I hear you as someone else has raised this point. So to all of those still ascribed to the medical sickness model this is good news but not to those who do not. It is a deep rabbit hole & many layers I perceive. We are seriously manipulated. Is it possible though that in the immediate now, that this med works for those who do ascribe to the medical model which awake people know is not a long term desirable fix but will nevertheless calm the panic folk feel who really do trust this model & the professionals in white coats? This is my reservation.


      1. Hi Pam,

        Thanks for replying! I believe this subject is always going to be a polarizing one. I come from the mindset that the virus is not real and that what the antimalarial drug is mitigating is other viral infections and illnesses.

        Additionally, I can not get around the fact that this entire scenario was played out in the EVENT 201 simulation in October 2019. They discussed instead of antimalarial drugs, anti HIV products. They are following a script!

        The big problem with the drug is that it reduces a patient’s symptoms which in many cases means it is disabling the human immune system from doing it’s job. It is not rendering a cure, it is delaying one

        Malaria is not even caused by a virus and Covid -19 is allegedly a member of the coronavirus family. There are no cures for viruses other than through the workings of the human immune system.

        Thanks for reading,



        1. Absolutely agree Dr Reizer, so aware of the pre planning, the whole thing is definitely one with an agenda to further the global plan Agenda 2030. In my country it’s already achieved the imposition of laws that restrict our freedom & democracy. That’s the end game. I do understand re the virus … woke up to the fake medical model after my own vax injury. Thanks for your insights. Much food for thought in terms of posting info. Kind regards …


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