Billy Te Kahika with Vinny Eastwood – the new merged party, update on Sunday’s rally & other recent events

No other political party has ever mentioned let alone called out Agenda 21/30 by name and enunciated its intent. This is about global government disguised under the name of Sustainable Development introduced and signed up to by nations in 1992 including NZ. So please tell me what since then has happened that is evidence of anything sustainable? Our debt has sky rocketed, poverty, homelessness and unemployment are unprecedented and pollution at an all time high. NZers can no longer swim safely in 60% of the water ways. Unheard of in NZ history. Proof that this is a ruse to fool you. Time for change people. Educate yourself on Agenda 21/30 in NZ and the New World Order plans that are right in plain sight … and like the Advance NZ Public Party …. OPPOSE them. They are nearing their end game. Shut them down. EWR

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2 thoughts on “Billy Te Kahika with Vinny Eastwood – the new merged party, update on Sunday’s rally & other recent events”

  1. What about giving all the parties that have been working for years to do what billy is just gabbing on about a bit of media time ?


    1. Hello Merv thank you for commenting. Please do read my tag line … ‘exposing lies & corruption’. To enlighten you, I generally don’t post political party data at all except as per last election, to highlight who the globalists are & who is really controlling our country. If you were familiar with my content you’d know that is my focus & the hour is late. The Advance NZPP is calling out the UN Agenda 2030 … that’s why I post their information, info I consider is right on target.


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