Lamestream faking evidence again on the CV

If there’s anything the observant & thinking person can conclude from the CV plandemic it is that things are not really what they seem. Here we have one of those examples, the doctoring of evidence. We have seen many posts on the doctoring of tests, of death certification, on and on. Anomalies everywhere. Why was this shop required to close and not that one when they are selling similar things. Ask the people who were closed down and how some of them were bullied by local authorities. This phenomenon is also known as ‘smelling a rat’. Watch the video below on the doctoring of visual evidence that you watch for daily information on the state of affairs in your nation. Yes the killavision as I prefer to call it. It kills your sensitivity to truth & feeds you a stream of half truths, omissions and frequently, blatant lies. EWR

Jayden O’Connor

174K Views · last Sunday · 7 news Melbourne BUSTED faking news footage! Blatant fear mongering, most are falling for it!
Wake up people you are being scammed!!
The footage used is from Italy and the US media were caught using it too!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

One thought on “Lamestream faking evidence again on the CV”

  1. Now that COVID truth like 9/11 truth is growing awareness, the lamestream media is now muddying the waters by admitting what it previously denied: that 5G is causing COVID. This is the equivalent of the ‘no planes’ straw man for 9/11, which means that the nanoparticle connecting to so-called autoimmune diseases are essentially nanoviruses and the gene-editing solution is only to make it worse, specifically for black, Aboriginals everywhere.


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