In 2016 Pediatrics Journal said breast feeding was not natural … 4 years later Bill Gates is investing in lab-made breast milk

I’m sure this is just coincidence (not!). Listen to the Corbett report on Bill’s latest ‘investment’ and yes his wealthy mates are in on it as well. Re creating your food supply for you, and your infants’ food supply. Below is a link to the articles that shocked us all in 2016 about why breast feeding was being re framed or packaged if you like, as unnatural. Further down is the Corbett video. A must watch as always. EWR

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corbettreport 474K subscribers Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: Bayer Settles Roundup Cancer Lawsuits For Up to $10.9 Billion Alt Breastmilk Company Biomilq Raises $3.5 Million From Gates’ Investment Firm Artificial Breast Milk Investment Fund Backed By Gates, Bezos and Zuckerberg Nestlé Boycott Flashback: Gates Grant to Fund Testicle-Blasting Contraceptive (May 17, 2010) Many BPA-Free Plastics Are Toxic. Some Are Worse Than BPA Ruling Delayed As Judge Asks Defense and Plaintiffs to Discuss New Evidence Story #2: Japan to Bolster Defense After Scrapping Missile System Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution Arrest of Ex-Justice Minister Could Hasten Abe’s Departure Story #3: Nova Scotia Shooter Case Has Hallmarks of Undercover Operation Nova Scotia Killer Had Ties to Criminals, Withdrew Huge Sum of Cash Before Shooting Police Uniform, Mock RCMP Car Were Key Factors in N.S. Shooting BOMBSHELL REPORT: Transactions Reveal Nova Scotia Shooter May Have Been RCMP INFORMANT OR AGENT!!! You can help support our independent and non-commercial work by visiting & Thank You.

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5 thoughts on “In 2016 Pediatrics Journal said breast feeding was not natural … 4 years later Bill Gates is investing in lab-made breast milk”

  1. Oh my goodness. What could possibly be in that formula? The thousands of ways our little ones are being targeting, is terrifying.

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  2. There are plenty of body foreign [toxic] chemicals in the food as it is, since the 1940’s when Big Food started to take huge shortcuts. Like seed oils, not long ago, was only used for industrial purposes. Wonder why? [/sarc] Most seed oils causes inflammatory reactions in our bodies, resulting in damage and higher levels of cholesterols. (High levels of cholesterol is a symptom, not any cause, as Big Pharma would like us to believe … Our bodies produce it when necessary.) When seed oil breaks down, some part of it becomes aldehydes, like formaldehyde, all toxic. When deep frying, these oils turn into aldehydes for sure. One exception is rapeseed oil [incl. canola], but that coagulates in contact with air (eg. oxygene). When available in blood vessels, it will cause clots and result in thrombosis. It’s a slow process, but it will happen for sure. My own experience some few years ago, when I was treated for venous thrombosis, the healthcare system was not interested at all to know what caused the clot to appear in my leg. They assumed it was blood, but I’m not so convinced. (I used to be a big fan of deep fried food, but accept it today only when pure peanut oil is used) In [real] scientific areas, an assumtion is a big No-No! It’s just a guess, not necessarily an educated one … They were not even interested to know if the treatment (six month with Xeralto) had any affect, so I had to beg for a ultrasound scan. From my point of view, it doesn’t make any sense … I finally got the test and result was negative, but as they missed it completly one year earlier, I still have doubts.

    Regarding the article, there’s lack of common sense involved, as all mammals infants, which includes humans, needs the milk from the mother during the first part of the life. The milk doesn’t only contain fat, proteins and vital nutritions, but also important stuff necessary for the immun system. At best, all milk substitutes lacks the last one. Big Pharma likes this of course, as it will generate even more revenues from dangerous drugs in the future …

    Something that’s important today, if seeing a [med] doctor – be prepared! If possible, check on the Internet regarding the symptoms, but most importly – Do not assume anything! – Don’t be a hypocondric! Look for causes, treatments, drug side effects etc. (The most common effect for anti depression drugs is – depression – and it is unfortunally very common …) At the clinic, you will never know if you talk with a real [med] doctor or a sales rep. for Big Pharma … Not uncommon today, the ‘doctor’ may assume that you know nothing and might act accordingly. It has happen to me more than once …

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