The Return of Inspector Bozo: Former PM warns of ‘Deep Fakes will he would know.


Spies, Lies, Alibis: The Film John Key Really Plays In, Shame We're The  Extras | Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

Apparently the repetition of the word Fake News has not scarred us enough to only trust big brother. So now the fear porn merchants have a new word ‘deep fake’ And in New Zealand this phase similar to deep throat and deep gag is being sold to us by a big dick Sir John Key, aka Inspector Bozo who own term was plagued by cyber spy drama and deep fakes (e.g mostly everything Key said when ever he opened his mouth). Key who is now marketing himself as cyber security czar says State-based cyber attacks are not new, and people who do not take their cyber risks seriously could get an “awful surprise” Key at the time was speaking at the launch of tech industry hub Umbrellar Connect on Friday. Key was speaking in the capacity as being a director on the board of USA cyber security giant Palo Alto.

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