Living Nightmare: The Daily Misery Caused to Neighbours By Industrial Wind Turbines

Iowa Climate Science Education

Anyone looking for reasons to hate wind power, is spoiled for choice. Heavily subsidised, chaotically intermittent and an environmental nightmare, there’s a veritable smorgasbord of arguments against returning to the Dark Ages. A time when daily life was dictated by the seasons and the weather. The reason that human beings developed, harnessed and perfected thermal power was because they could.

The Industrial Revolution, Space Race and the Internet Age would have been impossible without (respectively) coal, gas and later nuclear power.

No modern economy has ever powered itself in any meaningful way using wind and solar power. No country ever will.

Notwithstanding the reality, in the present Age of Morons, there’s an unhealthy stock of cynical rent-seekers dedicated to convincing gullible politicians that we’re only a technological heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future.

Mythical lithium mega-batteries are only the latest conjuring from those eager to keep…

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