NZ is spending $20 billion on military hardware while 43K remain homeless

Yes, sure we really do need all this military hardware in NZ … after all it’s all rolling out across the US as well. Key did quite a bit of footwork on that front as I recall, oiling the war machine with his (expensive) celebrations in Auckland. And now as we have the global agenda 21/30 unfolding right in front of our eyes, and looming fascist plans for global vaccination among other things, well as Trump himself said, he will call on the military to assist with that. Adern’s given quite a few millions we can’t afford (but no worries they’ll just conjure up some more out of thin air to cover it) and well, what’s a few billion for tanks and things? We sure need those more than we need homes for the homeless don’t we, given the other part of the govt sold a quarter of them off to their property developer mates. But no worries again, Adern will just keep popping them into motels well at least it makes it look like something’s being done. Meanwhile whatever happened to the most recent suicide stats I heard they disappeared off the MOH website just before the cv lockdown. Anybody know? Guess they knew it would escalate for some in such trying and stressful times … especially those whose businesses hit the wall, or those who really were afraid of the pandemic that was predicted to kill off millions.

Enjoy your military hardware peeps. You might well see some of it rolling down your street one day soon. EWR

From Stuff

Defence Minister Ron Mark is standing by a huge military spend-up amid the economic havoc wrought by coronavirus.

He says the spending, the most since the depths of the Cold War, is required because climate change will place new demands on the NZ Defence Force (NZDF).

Billions have already been committed to new equipment such as the four P8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft set to replace the P-3 Orions.

After locking in five new Super Hercules to replace the Air Force’s aged transport fleet, Mark said his top priority is sorting out new armoured vehicles for the Army.


4 thoughts on “NZ is spending $20 billion on military hardware while 43K remain homeless”

  1. This government has no sense of priorities, bringing in Third World migrants who compete for housing and welfare assistance with existing citizens — and what is the use of all that expensive military hardware? To support UN directed wars in who knows where?

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    1. True WW. It’s insane. There’s another agenda to the migrants. NZ’s always cared about these people but this round it doesn’t stack up.


  2. Yes, this was a “done deal” on Jonkey’s watch, I remember having a big rant about it at the time, basically long the lines of what you’ve written here Pam.
    Notice the military are now looking after border control after the latest COVID cockup? That will be used as justification I’m sure. Just as the cops received new COVID superpowers, will we now see the military getting more control over the civilian population down the track, courtesy of COVID round two?

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    1. I’d say so Martin. All lining up isn’t it? Been saying, they’re getting their ducks in a row ready for round two. They have us on a short string now. Oops, another two covids, sorry you’ll have to stay home again. So convenient now that folk are protesting left right and center.


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