A call for independent review of Agenda 30 – a foreign program that is being sorted to be implemented in NZ without proper consultation

This is a first as far as I can see. Nobody has managed to speak to this stealth infiltration on a mainstream news platform since it all began. This agenda is already in our councils under the guise of or aka ‘sustainable development’. EWR

An interview with Billy Te Kahika from teaomaori.news
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The need for an independent assessment of the fast-tracking of numerous legislations in parliament is seen as crucial.  It’s the focus and subject of regular online presentations by Billy Te Kahika Junior with a following now growing to tens of thousands.

There is a consistent campaign to bring in a United Nations programme called Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

Billy TK Junior is seeing the Agenda (30) being adhered to by stealth through legislation being fast-tracked through parliament.

“What this Agenda 30 programme is, is a complete challenge to our Kiwiana. It’s a complete challenge to the Treaty of Waitangi, it’s a complete challenge to Māori as tāngata whenua with inherent cultural practices and cultural rights to exercise those cultural practices,” says Billy TK Junior (Ngāti Pāhauwera, Ngāti Maniapoto).

Billy is especially concerned at aspects of the COVID-19 Response Bill, the Food Amendment Bill, the NZ Bill of Rights Amendment Bill and the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Bill.

“We need to question it because it’s likely going to violate the few things we take for granted as Māori right now which is being able to go into our kawakawa forest and make an oil or a paste or tea.  Is that going to be prevented by things like this?  So these are the types of issues that aren’t explained to us that we have no oversight into and across and we need to be very concerned.”

Currently, over 70,000 people have viewed Billy’s online presentations which began two weeks ago with interest now on his most recent of presentations on Friday (29 May 2020).

Junior says, “Agenda 30 is a foreign programme that is being sorted to be implemented in New Zealand without proper consultation.  The framework of the United Nations programme Agenda 30 means that it doesn’t necessarily have to go through a central government to be implemented.  It can be implemented through the backdoor through councils and local boroughs and that’s been fully verified by the fact that one of the first councils in Aotearoa New Zealand to sign up for this programme was Hamilton.  Hamilton City Council was one of the first to do that followed by various other regional and district councils.”

A renowned blues guitarist in his own right who has opened for some of the world top blues legends, Billy has a background in military intelligence and is using that knowledge and experience to provide the public with facts and information that he says are all before us in clear sight. 

“In the United States, it’s a very very serious problem there as well and they are well ahead in the execution and control of Agenda 30.  But why the problem with agenda 30?  Because every aspect of a humans beings life and our ability to live freely.”

It is yet to be seen whether Billy will bow to the call of many for him to stand as a political advocate.

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9 thoughts on “A call for independent review of Agenda 30 – a foreign program that is being sorted to be implemented in NZ without proper consultation”

  1. Here’s Jacinda talking about Agenda 2030, “NZ’s first voluntary national review on progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.” This was done without any mandate or consultation with New Zealanders and put on YouTube by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
    Pam, you’ve already seen it but I’ll leave it here in the comments for your readers.

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    1. Thanks Jo. I think I recall you citing this video … It’s slipped my memory (that’s a bit overloaded these days lol). Might post it again (?). Did you post it previously?


      1. Yes, hollow words delivered with a Smither’s smile. I don’t know if you’ve cited this video but every New Zealander needs to see it before they vote. People deserve to be informed. Most of all, they need to understand what Agenda 2030 is and that Jacinda is openly talking about while stealthily implementing it.
        The MFAT video has so far had 50 dislikes to 10 likes. Comments are disabled but I can imagine what they’d be. It needs to be spread far and wide.

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    2. I put this link from MFAT in the post I made about ‘shit creek,’ after Jacinda suggesting we’re all in the same waka. You said it was a favourite expression of your Mum’s. I think she’d really be saying it now!


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