‘Selling’ fascist surveillance to the gullible

Do read the new ‘safe’ way to return to work (if you still have a job of course). Or if your business hasn’t hit the wall. It’s called covi-pass.

How to sell it to the gullible? just have a listen to the little presentation video by VST Enterprises. In a very chipper voice (like they are telling you you’ve just won Lotto) they major on words like ‘amazing’, ‘secure’, ‘award winning’, ‘authorized’ and ‘verified’.

And remember as they will be holding private info on you they will keep that info private of course (time for a Tui?)

You should be concerned. Remember the contact tracing app that is voluntary but the unfolding scenario would be you couldn’t go anywhere without it? It doesn’t bode well in my opinion. With lightning speed we have seen the introduction of far reaching law changes (a year on note, from gun confiscation laws) allowing Police to enter your home & check your health with no warrant. All for a virus that’s been rife with anomalies and known for its inflated stats (search corona virus for info on that in ‘categories’, top left side of the page). Over kill wouldn’t you think? Shooting butterflies with machine guns?

READ AT THE LINK: https://www.covipass.com/

4 thoughts on “‘Selling’ fascist surveillance to the gullible”

  1. Nice this covipass. All your data in one place, exactly where the government wants it, so they can check you every move. Just making sure that you don’t get lost in this big wide world, heaven forbid if they can’t find you. Another Tax/Rate payer missing, oh dear. If all this covid stuff is gone, are they (the government) remove (revoke?) this funny law that the police can enter your home at any time?! I did not know that the police is qualified to check you health status. I personally believe that the government and their agencies are actually a bunch of Troglodyte’s let loose on the community at large. But I could be alone in this big wide world with this opinion, who knows!


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