The NZ Government’s Strategy to Destroy the Farming Sector

Agenda 2030

Sto Vounó

‘If sheep and beef farms convert to forestry on a nationwide scale at just half the rate that has occurred in Wairoa this last year, there will be no sheep and beef farms left by 2050’ (Neil Henderson, Gisborne farmer)

The agricultural sector is New Zealand’s largest industry, made up chiefly of  pastoral farming and horticulture.

Table value of farming

Table from Jock Allison 2016, What does the future look like for agricultural science?

The coalition government, however,  is implementing a strategy squarely aimed at replacing the farming sector with forestry.  The result will be depopulation of the countryside, the destruction of  our environment and our way of life, and sets us on the road to poverty.

The measures include:

  • Zero Carbon Bill
  • Emissions Trading Scheme changes
  • One Billion Trees Fund
  • Fresh Water proposals
  • The Biodiversity Strategy
  • Overseas Investment Office incentives for conversion of farmland to forestry

Given the scope of the measures, there…

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