‘Democracy is hypocrisy!’ Change the system – (Saru G)

Listen to the lyrics … fantastic & very timely music video from NZ friends Greg & Rose … time for change!

Saru G

“Time to be the change and tomorrow we’re thriving!”

Yo! Here we go once again I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again
Open up my mouth and the words come spilling’ out
No need to shout, gonna tell you what I’m all about
See, I’m the man with the master plan
Spreadin’ my message all across the land
Time to wake-up, all the crimes we been living’ with
Rise together and Change the System
So we’re rising’, through the heavens we’re flying’
No surprisin’ altogether we’re thriving’


2 thoughts on “‘Democracy is hypocrisy!’ Change the system – (Saru G)”

  1. There is no such thing as democracy( rule by the people).
    The people do not chose the banking cabal does.
    ” Those who counts the vote counts”GC

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    1. I agree GC, there is not. An illusion to keep folk thinking they get to make a choice. And thank you for posting my NWO post. I’ve added the wiki link, had not thought of that. I daresay they will change that info shortly.


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