So… the tracing app is voluntary, but you can’t go out without it?

Do familiarize yourself with what contact tracing entails. NZ’s app is mentioned in here. To get the full story go to the official nz covid govt website, you will find it all there. Watch this video as they have looked carefully at it. Basically wherever you go now you may be required to prove you are not infected. You may also find you’ll be phoned up because you were in contact with somebody who is infected … at the local shop, the park, a cafe. And you didn’t even know. Here we are being told to keep track of where we go, innocuously at the moment of course, but it’s easy to see where it is headed. Get the app, make it easy…. Right now they are boasting about NZ’s success with infection, meanwhile the lockdown rules continue pretty much. Wake up folks. EWR

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4 thoughts on “So… the tracing app is voluntary, but you can’t go out without it?”

  1. People would have to be sheep to put this on the phones — apparantly about 500,000 have? And how many buy Jacinda’s excuse? Officially we have only 8 active cases of cv-19, none in hospital. In a few days there’ll be none.

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  2. If they think she’s lovely, there must be some incredible amount of stupid idiots in this country. God help us! 12000+ lost their jobs, no they didn’t!, They lost there livelihoods, they never gonna get it back. Thousands of small businesses went to the wall, they lost everything they have worked for and most likely are not able to pay their debts in their lifetime. Nice going missy ardern! You really don’t give a shit, but pushing your own barrow, your own narrative, your own ideology. When do people open their eyes and look reality square in the face or are they too afraid to look at reality? Are they so brainwashed? Please you all, wake up!

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