Rectangular Cloud Over Hurunui, South Island, New Zealand, 18 May 20


This was taken by a vigilant New Zealand photographer named Marian Sutherland who has contributed to this website on a number of occasions.  She took this striking photo on May the 18th at 10.58am from Hurunui.  It shows Mt Tekoa is in the background and a white haze in the air.    Is the haze from aerosol particulates falling?   She writes: “Parallelogram/ quadrilateral-shaped cloud which I suspect formed from a short on/off chunk of trail deposited by an aircraft, (a phenomenon I’ve observed thousands of times in the past decade)… interesting anomaly.”

For over a decade, a massive global war against nature has been under way, and thanks to unnatural formations like this one, snapped by Marian, it is making it to the forefront of the consciousness of those people with questioning minds.  These open minds know that the mainstream media disinformation about the weather being natural and aerosol…

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