Dehumanizing your children – the new ‘normal’ – a crime against humanity (Crowhouse)

Creating a different generation of kids. Anybody either with a heart, or who has studied human relations knows that no contact with others is going to have a severely detrimental effect on people. I’ve heard NZ’s suicide stats since lockdown has skyrocketed, around 65+ so far. More than deaths from the virus which as we’ve seen has a death rate of 0.2%  For the record, yes I respect others’ concerns & isolate, distance and all of that… but I do along with obviously many others including health professionals, see many anomalies in the official narrative. You’d have to be blind or in serious denial to not see those. And even moreso to not notice those questioning views are being censored out of the script. EWR

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4 thoughts on “Dehumanizing your children – the new ‘normal’ – a crime against humanity (Crowhouse)”

  1. Pam

    I’m sorry to say that I will stop receiving your newsletter. The reason is that sites like crowhouse and jtrue are riding the antivax/conspiracy conscious mvmt. They are affirmed Satanists, tho they avoid the words people label them by. It doesn’t get much worse. I know there are faithful Christians driving this agenda from the place I belong. Kaufman is buddies with jtrue. He is undermining Mikovitz. Contrary to jtrue’s argument I must separate myself from what I know is wicked based on principles he has no idea of, for God confuses the mind of the wicked… Not for His sake, but for the elect.

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    1. No need to be sorry Jazzalternative. I am sure you will find alternative sources that resonate with your beliefs. IMO that is important. There is much info to wade through at the moment & question marks over much of the info. It takes a bit of sorting out.


    2. For the record jazz we are not anti vax we are pro, informed choice … we don’t believe in conspiracies (that term invented to vilify folk who question things). 🙂


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