Act NOW New Zealand! COVID Bill “Deeply Concerning”: Human Rights Commission

Here we have a repeat of the knee jerk gun confiscation Bill. Never let a good crisis go to waste. This is the motto of the globalists. And too late to do anything about this as it all passed. Good old ‘she’ll be right’ guinea pig NZ. EWR

From Uncensored

Bills with wide -ranging implications, “Blunderbus Bills”, are being pushed through under cover of COVID-19 response.

One such bill is the “COVID-19 response Further Management Bill”



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2 thoughts on “Act NOW New Zealand! COVID Bill “Deeply Concerning”: Human Rights Commission”

  1. Thanks for sharing Pam.
    I was in the process of assembling this item late yesterday, was just about to go live, and the notification came through on my newsfeed that the deed was done and the bill passed into law. I could have cried.
    What kind of country are we living in where such wide-reaching bills can be pushed through without oversight or consultation?
    “So this is how democracy dies; to thunderous applause” (Star Wars quote Of the Day).

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    1. Good for the record anyway Martin. Thanks. No need for applause they all think it’s still alive 😉 In reality it died long ago. 😦


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