NZ Police trialed facial recognition tech without clearance

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Police conducted a trial of controversial facial recognition software without consulting their own bosses or the Privacy Commissioner.

The American firm Clearview AI’s system, which is used by hundreds of police departments in the United States and several other countries, is effectively a search engine for faces – billing itself as a crime-fighting tool to identify perpetrators and victims.

New Zealand Police first contacted the firm in January, and later set up a trial of the software, according to documents RNZ obtained under the Official Information Act. However, the high tech crime unit handling the technology appears to have not sought the necessary clearance before using it.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards, who was not aware police had trialled Clearview Al when RNZ contacted him, said he would expect to be briefed on it before a trial was underway. He said Police Commissioner Andrew Coster told him he was also unaware of the trial.


Photo: Radio NZ

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  1. He was a little surprised by this one! Really, what does it take for presumably “intelligent” persons to not be in touch with what is going on in this country. They are ‘in my opinion’ just a bunch of lying deceiving no hopes with nothing better to do than make life more difficult for the people in the street. Perhaps we are able to vote them out of their miserable positions in government. I think they need to go. They are the USELESS EATERS, contrary to popular believe.

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