ON YOUR BIKE DAVE – Democracy, Due Process and Dodgy Laws.


In the first week of the Coronavirus Health MinisterDavid Clarkdrove to a Dunedin park two kilometresfrom his home to ride a mountain bike trail, as New Zealand marked a week in lockdown under new in which Kiwis’ freedoms were severely curtailed by the lock down and hundreds who breached its rules were prosecuted. As Parker himself tweeted “New Zealanders, stay home, save lives”. Having being caught out a second time having originally defended his MT Biking excursion Parker retain his portfolio.

Then the legality of the Lockdown law were quickly criticised by academic and law expert around the country as Parker said he is “satisfied” the Government followed the law and is confident the Bill of Rights Act has not been breached. Parker at the April 16th Epidemic Response Committee, the Attorney-General refused to allow the public to see the Crown Law legal advice on the lockdown.


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