Hear a whistleblower nurse telling how & why folk are dying in the US hospital where she works! (covid)

This is the second whistleblower nurse I’ve watched, here is a link to the other. Horrific detail described by this nurse who has a conscience she’s unable to fully exercise amidst a scene of total mayhem. When she tries to advocate for her patient, the patient is taken from her & she is moved. Read more at the link below the video.  Watch before it’s taken down. EWR


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  1. Yes, there are alot of stuff going on here, that shouldn’t. Statistics is only one example of being incorrect. Those who died ‘of’ and ‘with’ are not separated, just to boost the scare. We have a couple of reported cases of altered medical journals of deceased peoples, made by people in cognito, where the cause of death was changed to ‘due to COVID-19’. In the Swedish medical journal system, stated by law, all changes has to be logged, but it didn’t happen in these cases. It was coincidentally discovered by the doctors who originally declared the cause of death. Swedish MSM response? Not interested …

    The ‘Swedish Corona model’ has recently been somewhat praised, but that was actually not an active choise by the Swedish government and authorities of concern, but due to lack of resources. Since the membership in EU, the state controlled pharmacy marked was privatized and the pharmacies was not required anh longer to keep a large stock of essential medical equipment and drugs anymore. Despite seberal warnings since, Sweden was not prepared when the outbreak was a fact. (Since WW2, Sweden has also got rid of all the food and fuel reserves …) Comparing the number of dead people due [?] to COVID-19 between the Nordic countries, the number in Sweden is higher than all the other countries combined. Norway, Denmark and Finland all applied the ‘lock down model’ …

    A few days ago, Swedish MSM declared that the death rate in Sweden was lower than in several other countries, all using ‘lock down’. Brazil was one of these countries and yes, they have had some 1000-2000 more deaths so far, but MSM ‘forgot’ to mention that the population of Brazil is at least ten times larger than the Swedish. There isn’t any doubt that [Swe] media skews information! With same lack of doubt, the Swedish MSM just follows their tradition they have used regarding climate and [illegal] migration from the MENA region …

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