The interview you don’t want to miss … Brian Rose with David Icke

I’m very aware many folk are not fans of David Icke. If you want to know some truth however see what Youtube is pulling in the great scramble for controlling your perceptions. This is why he is on London Real’s site, not Youtube. YT have pulled his work altogether. As also I believe has Facebook. I personally figure he has the bigger picture, more than most. I do not agree with absolutely 100% of what every single person writes whose work I post, however one has to pick through all of the info & draw one’s own conclusions. Otherwise you are just fodder for control.  (If you don’t think for yourself ie). Like many who write on world events today, he takes into account the cabal that controls governments world wide behind the scenes. The string pullers or puppeteers if you like. They of course are behind what I’ve been posting for years now, the new world order, Agenda 21 now 2030 and the intended global government. That’s the plan anyway in my opinion & if you want to know how that pans out, Icke is the person to watch. He has researched it for decades & is watching the fine detail that’s rolling out now. What the whistle blower doctors are saying. And others in strategic positions. What’s really happening in the hospitals right now. The anomalies with the stats on the CV.  The truth about WHO and Bill Gates. Feel free to watch.  EWR

You can find the interview at this link. You will need to register with London Real however that is easy enough with no strings or costs attached.

2 thoughts on “The interview you don’t want to miss … Brian Rose with David Icke”

  1. I was watching this the night before his plug was pulled and thinking how brilliant it is that I have been thinking the exact same things. The hospitals are empty, doctors will not go to nursing homes and the figures change with the weather. I support David Icke 100%.
    A world run by kleptocrats is not something I would subscribe to.
    You can delete this like another has done with my blessing.

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    1. Yes this is my point with him cadxx, he has his finger on the pulse. It’s seeing the big picture. So many will toss one commentator on one or two points of disagreement & miss out on the other important info. Thanks.


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