Dead birds seen in Rome … many reports world wide of similar

If you see these occurrences check for cell towers nearby. (Same with unexplained human deaths). It’s one of the boxes to tick that the industries &/or media won’t acknowledge. They’re safe we are told & to admit they kill birds or anything else would mean too much is at stake. I did a quick YT search and found many more unexplained mass bird deaths, all below. There were more. These were all within the past 4 months. Remember, the same time as the roll out of the new five gee tech. Watch too for new towers &/or transmitters on your street lamps. EWR









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  1. This has been happening ever since the triple meltdowns (INES 7 event, look it up) The WHO also helped cover that up. and the VERY same people waited for months to declare the recent pandemic, only to declare this on EXACTLY the anniversary of triple nuclear meltdowns… effectively helping the cover up even more.


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