13 thoughts on “Bill Gates Calls for Vaccine Certificates as Requirement for Travel”

  1. Google’s chrome browser has made it impossible for me use “reblog”, “like” and “comment” features on WordPress. And Microsoft keeps tossing up prompts turn on their damn “SmartShield” censorship tool.
    effing morons.

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    1. For ages FC I’ve been unable to use reblog as I used to for the several years prior … I discovered firstly if I made a comment first it would allow me to reblog. Then I discovered if I simply copied & pasted the url & brought up the page again, then I could reblog. However there are the odd exceptions randomly that I simply cannot reblog no matter what I do. I don’t have Chrome.


      1. What I did was quit Chrome and I downloaded the new edition of Opera and it seems to allow comments. Reblog feature still unstable.
        I was able to import my Chrome bookmarks to Opera.

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  2. They should just give him the same amount of vac’s as they give new born babies for the first year of their young live. See how he get’s on, the guys is a mental case.

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